"Tinks" The Therapy Dog


Tinks the Therapy Dog has recently retired from my practice. He retired at 13 years old after 11 years in practice with me. He is a black Standard Poodle. Tink was named by my daughter as she always knew where he was because his collar had a bell. We then found out that the definition of Tink is a technique in knitting that one can undo a row of knitting one stitch at a time, in order to correct a mistake. We found this to be fitting to a therapy dog in a counseling setting as the is what we do, undo thoughts, feelings that do not work any longer, one at a time.

Tinks is certified with the AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification, Therapy Dog International (TDI) certification and a registered Emotional Support Dog (ESD). I have always had a dream to use a dog in a therapeutic setting and found Tinks for that reason when he was 12 weeks old. He has been trained by me, in obedience and is tested for safe consistent appropriate behavior.

Tinks has always been eager to meet clients and if they welcome him he will stay till they ask him to go lay down. I do have clients that do not need Tinks as a part of their therapy and he will stay away in that case. I have found that often when someone comes to therapy opening up to a therapist one on one is a little intimidating and with Tinky, he is there to ease the transition that we often need for a successful therapeutic session. With Tink's help he is there to facilitate the opening of thoughts and feelings which naturally occur when the positive energy from a unconditionally loving animal is brought into the setting.

I have used Tinks with all ages and genders of clients, he is comfortable with them all and always enjoys meeting a new friend.

Like those that are newly retired, he is now spending his time taking naps often, snacking on goodies all day, barking with dogs in the neighborhood, taking long walks with his sister's and just enjoying the good life.

Job well done my sweet boy <3

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