Grief and Loss

"Give sorrow words; the grief that does not speak whispers the o'er fraught heart and bids it break." William Shakespeare

Grief and Loss
To many people, the word "grief" connotes the mental and physical reaction of loss of a loved one through death. However, the word actually covers a response to emotional loss of any kind. Studies show that there are over 30 identifiable losses that can trigger a grief reaction. Grief Counselors note that most, if not all, problems can be traced to unresolved grief. Often when we have unresolved grief from the past it attaches itself to the traumatic event that you are now experiencing, which then complicates the healing process. If you are suffering from any of the following losses you may benefit from the help of a counselor to work through the grief and healing process.

  • Loved One's Death (Traumatic and Anticipatory)
  • Divorce or Break-up of a Relationship
  • Illness or Life Changing Accident
  • Adoption Issues
  • Job Loss
  • Loss of Pet
  • Child or Family Member with a Disability or Mental Disorder
  • Caregiver
Feelings that you may experience with grief are:
Sadness, disbelief, confusion, anger, guilt, regret, anxiety, sleep problems, health problems, loneliness, appetite problems, yearning, fatigue, lack of focus, helplessness, social withdrawal, shock, avoidance of reminders, crying/sobbing, numbness and restlessness.

"Grief is like a thumb print, individual and unique to each person."
Harold Ivan Smith PhD

Ann's Mission
To empower children, teens and adults to find their way through grief so they can rebuild their lives with renewed hope and meaning.

Healing Philosophy
The approach that Ann uses is client-centered where working individually with clients in a safe, trusting and empathetic environment allows the process to heal the grieving spirit. Change and loss are natural in the cycle of life. We experience grief and emotional distress with any significant loss. Support from those that have experience in dealing with personal loss can help ease the pain and promote healing. Ann provides a place for those who are grieving to express and normalize their feelings.

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